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GB size file(s) can be sent via JustSendFile

Normally, public email account only support file(s) attached not more than 10MB. The time for upload the file(s) is very time consuming. And fail attaching file often occurs if logging time is time out, network problem or the file is too large to be attached. Moreover user usually cannot realize it immediately the large file(s) started to be uploaded until the mail system tell him the file is too large to be attached. It is a kind of wasting time of this insufficient feature of common email server. Good news is that JustSendFile enable you to send large file(s) up to GB size without the problem mentioned before. As it has pause/resume feature.

sending GB size files

GB storage capacity

For file(s) with no expiry, it would stay in JustSendFile server if you are using a payment plan. The storage capacity can be up to 10GB of which normal email service maybe just provide you not more than a GB.

GB storage capacity

Customised expiry of download link

Beside sending a large files, JustSendFile have add-on feature to customise the expiry date of the uploaded files. That means files can stay in JustSendFile server for specific period of time. To know more about how to edit expiry, please see edit expiry procedure in FAQ.

customised expiry of download link

Password protecting download link

For security reason, JustSendFile enable user to give a password to file to avoid unrelated parties to download it. It is to avoid any unrelated parties to download user's important document even they get the download link. To know more about how to edit password protecting download link, please see edit password protecting download link in FAQ.

password protecting download link

Tracking recipients

In order to ensure the target recipient has downloaded the files, there is a tracking recipient feature to let the sender to know whom has downloaded the files and have email notification to sender whom has downloaded the files. For recipients, JustSendFile would ask him/her to enter his/her name before the actually downloading of files. To know how to check whom has download files, please see tracking recipients in FAQ.

tracking recipients

Pause/Resume/Cancel upload and download

In order to utilize the time of uploading or downloading files, JustSendFile enable you to pause sending files in half way and then resume sending later. To know the procedure of how to use it, please see pause and resume sending files in FAQ.

tracking recipients

Multiple file/folders uploading

In order to increase the efficiency of file(s) delivery, JustSendFile allows multiple files or folders uploading without requiring zipping the file(s).

multiple files uploading

Multiple recipients

Moreover, JustSendFile allows a group of recipients to receive the files at the same time.

multiple recipients
Just Send File Features
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